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Bottled Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water

June 16, 2016

Myth – Bottled water is healthy water — or so marketers would have us believe. In reality, bottled water is just water. That fact isn't stopping people from buying a lot of it. Estimates variously place worldwide bottled water sales at over $50 or even closer to $100 billion each year. Bottled water is big business. But in terms of sustainability, bottled water is a dry well. It's costly, wasteful and distracts from the brass ring of public health: the construction and maintenance of safe municipal water systems. Want some solid reasons to kick the bottled water habit? Bottled water isn't a good value – Take for instance, the 20-ounce bottled water generally sold in vending machines alongside soft drinks...

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What is the difference between a Permeate Pump and a ZeroWaste® Retro Fit Kit?

April 23, 2016

A Permeate Pump is a mechanical pump that improves water flow to the tank by utilizing the brine water to pump the Reverse Osmosis water into the tank. This helps reduce the time it takes to fill the tank as well as water usage. All this without the use of an electrical outlet. A ZeroWaste® Kit or System is great for customers who are environmentally conscious and want to go the extra mile to re-purpose the brine water inside their home instead of sending it down the drain. The ZeroWaste® System eliminates the need for a waste line connection and sends the brine water back into the hot water to be reused when performing normal tasks such as washing your hands or running your dish washer.

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If I already have a Reverse Osmosis system why would I install an ice maker kit?

April 23, 2016

An ice maker kit makes the ice and the water in your fridge more pure! An ice maker kit simply connects to the Reverse Osmosis faucet line of one of our systems to send pure Reverse Osmosis water to your ice maker and cold fridge water. See crystal clear ice cubes and rid your refrigerator water of impurities.

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"Everyone we've dealt with at Watts Premier has been helpful and very professional...It's a pleasure doing business with this company." - Cymantha

"Well I have to say, this system really works. I added extra 'sensor' valves, now it is even faster for hot water. Even my picky wife admits she has hot water right now! Thanks for your product. It is really great when a product WORKS as advertised." - Greg

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