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Water Softeners

Premier Water Softener Solutions

Premier water softeners are designed for point of use or point of entry applications where the benefits of softened water are required. These systems exchange scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions with non-scale forming sodium ions to create soft water for a variety of applications.

Softened water provides a wide variety of benefits, from not introducing scale into pipes, valves, water heating equipment, heat exchangers to reducing mineral build up in areas that see excessive splashing such as food preparation counters and sink areas. Softened water also conserves soaps and cleaning agents by eliminating the formation of soap curd, so your cleaners can work on cleaning - not reacting with the hardness in your water.

To correct water hardness, Premier offers two water conditioning system, designed to improve water quality throughout your entire household

Premier Water Softeners provides these benefits;

  • Spot-free glassware and dishes
  • No mineral deposits on bathroom and shower stalls
  • Brighter, Softer laundry
  • Less reliance on water-softening products
  • Dramatic reduction in soap usage
  • Manageable hair because shampoo works better
  • Pipes remain free of calcium scale build-up
  • Extended life of appliances and reduced energy cost because scale is virtually eliminated
  • Spot-free car washes (if softened water is used)

For more information on calculating your hardness, compensated hardness and the Premier Softener-Sizing and Selection Chart please click here.