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How much water is wasted waiting for water to warm up?

July 15, 2015

An average home has 125 feet of 3/4 inch pipe.  This holds 3.14 gallons of water.  If hot water is used 10 times per day, 31 gallons of water is wasted running the faucets/shower to get the hot water.  In a year, this equals 11,461 gallons of water.  25.2 millions homes waste approximately 300 billion gallons of water annually.   How does our Instant Hot Water Recirculating System work? A pump with a built-in timer is installed on the hot water line from the water heater.  A patented sensor valve opens when the water on the hot water side cools and pushes the cool water back to the water heater.  As the temperature in the hot water line hits 98...

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"Everyone we've dealt with at Watts Premier has been helpful and very professional...It's a pleasure doing business with this company." - Cymantha

"Well I have to say, this system really works. I added extra 'sensor' valves, now it is even faster for hot water. Even my picky wife admits she has hot water right now! Thanks for your product. It is really great when a product WORKS as advertised." - Greg

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