501026 - ZeroWaste®Retro Fit Kit Guide

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Your systems diagram will help you keep your ZeroWaste® Retro Fit Kit functioning to it fullest capacity. If you have any questions you can contact us at 1-800-752-5582 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

This conversion kit works by using the booster pump to increase the pressure throughout the system so that the Brine water (which is usually wasted) can be recycled back into the hot water line. Here is what each component does:

Booster Pump - Boosts the pressure throughout the system.

Solenoid - Shuts off the water to the unit when the tank is full.

Pressure Switch - Turns off the pump and closes the solenoid when the tank is full.

Check Valve - A one-way valve that allows the brine (waste) water to get pushed into the hot water, but not let any hot water back in.

Flow Restrictor - Controls how much water is returned into the hot water line. See instructions for sizing.

Transformer - Provides power to the electrical components.


Diagram Label Part Number Description
A WP610117 Black Tubing
B WP610019 Double Check Valve
C WP622055 Green Flow Restrictor (500ml)
D WP622054 Purple Flow Restrictor (700ml)
E WP152035 Solenoid Valve
F WP125088 ¼"QC x ⅛"MPT Elbow Fitting
G WP152008 CDP6800 Booster Pump ¼" QC
H WP252004 Transformer
I WP152030 Pressure Switch
J WP228048 >⅜" S x ¼” QC Quick Connect Stem Adapter
K WP560080 Adapt-A-Valve™ w/ Brass Adapters & Washer
L WP228073 Drain Saddle Plug
M WP125089 ¼” S x ¼” QC Quick Connect Elbow
N WP125002 ¼” Compression Nut
O WP152044 Wire Harness
P WP610109 Green Tubing

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  • What Your Warranty Covers

    If any part of your ZeroWaste® Retro Fit Kit is defective in workmanship, return unit after obtaining a return authorization (see below), within 1 year of the original retail purchase, Watts Premier will repair or, at Watts Premier’s option, replace the system at no charge.

  • How to Obtain Warranty Service

    For warranty service, call 800-752-5582 for a return authorization number. Then, ship your unit to our factory, freight and insurance prepaid, with proof of date of original purchase. Please include a note stating the problem. Watts Premier will repair it, or replace it, and ship it back to you prepaid.

  • What This Warranty Does Not Cover

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  • Other Conditions

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