2 Pack 10 IN 5-Micron Melt Blown Sediment Filter Cartridge

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2 Pack of 10 IN, 5-Micron melt blown sediment filter cartridges

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This standard 10 inch 5 micron melt blown sediment 2 pack filters reduces fine particles like sediment, sand, silt, soil and rust. These filter cartridges will fit in most standard housings.


  • (1) - 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter (WP104017) - Reduces dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water.


  • This pack contains two10 IN 5 Micron sediment replacement filters
  • Effectively traps sediment, dirt, silt, and rust for clean, get-tasting drinking water
  • Filter cartridges have excellent chemical resistance
  • Filters particles down to 5 microns