How much water is wasted waiting for water to warm up

An average home has 125 feet of 3/4 inch pipe. This holds 3.14 gallons of water. If hot water is used 10 times per day, 31 gallons of water is wasted running the faucets/shower to get the hot water. In a year, this equals 11,461 gallons of water. Over twenty-five millions homes waste approximately 300 billion gallons of water annually.

How does our Instant Hot Water Recirculating System work?

A pump with a built-in timer is installed on the hot water line from the water heater. A patented sensor valve opens when the water on the hot water side cools and pushes the cool water back to the water heater. As the temperature in the hot water line hits 98 degrees, the valve closes. Some homes are designed with multiple hot water loops, one per floor, etc. If one section of the house does not receive hot water, you will need to purchase a Watts Sensor Valve Kit for each loop. For best results, the valve should be located at the faucet furthest from the water heater in each loop.

This Watts Instant Hot Water Recirculating System brings convenience and savings to your home, giving you hot water instantly at every faucet or shower when you need it. This unique product connects easily to existing plumbing. It saves up to 15,000 gallons of water per year and up to 10% of your water bill.

Features Include:

Easy to install in under one hour. 24-hour programmable timer activates pump when you need it. Maintenance free. Pump mounts directly onto a water heater with 3/4" connections. Can be used with all types of pipe. 10' power cord. 1/2" thermal bypass valve. Extremely quiet - no vibrations. Cost 5 cents a day to operate.

*Do not use with tank-less water heater.