What is the difference between a Permeate Pump and a ZeroWaste® Retro Fit Kit?

A Permeate Pump is a mechanical pump that improves water flow to the tank by utilizing the brine water to pump the Reverse Osmosis water into the tank. This helps reduce the time it takes to fill the tank as well as water usage. All this without the use of an electrical outlet.

A ZeroWaste® Kit or System is great for customers who are environmentally conscious and want to go the extra mile to re-purpose the brine water inside their home instead of sending it down the drain. The ZeroWaste® System eliminates the need for a waste line connection and sends the brine water back into the hot water to be reused when performing normal tasks such as washing your hands or running your dish washer.


  • John Bown

    I have had a zero waste system for 10+ years. Does Premier have an instruction sheet for converting a zero waste (500029) system to a permeate pump system?

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