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Busting Common Myths About Reverse Osmosis Water...

Busting Common Myths About Reverse Osmosis Water...

There have been many myths out there about whether or not Reverse Osmosis Water is actually good for you or not. We want to take a minute to bust a few of those myths and give you some reassurances.

Myth - Reverse Osmosis Water is UnHealthy for You

Fact - Reverse Osmosis Water is Very Clean and Good for Our Bodies

Reverse Osmosis Water removes 99% of all the impurities. People say this is unnatural and the perfectly clean water mineral-free water does not exist in naturally. But, did you know that This is what rain water is? It has not been contaminated with any chemicals and the minerals have not been introduced into it yet. People have been relying on rainwater for centuries.

Some Facts to consider: Soft Drinks, Tap Water, Bottled Water (Arrowhead, Culligan, Aquafina, Dasani as well as other brands of bottled water) and Google Campus Water are all made with Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Myth - Reverse Osmosis Removes Healthy Minerals from Water

Fact - Reverse Osmosis Removes InOrganic Minerals which are UnHealthy

According to the Water Quality Association (WQA), The majority of minerals are consumed from food not from drinking water. The lack of minerals in your water should not keep you up at night. The increasing amounts of chemicals and drugs found in tap water should!

Myth - Reverse Osmosis Leaches Minerals from Your Body

Fact - Reverse Osmosis Water Cannot Leach Minerals from Your Body

In early July, 2008, the Brighton Standard Blade, a Colorado newspaper contacted the EPA to find out if Reverse Osmosis water leaches minerals. The EPA spokeswoman said that their organization does not support this idea. The WQA also rejects the idea that Reverse Osmosis Water can leach minerals in a 1993 report titled 'Consumption of Low TDS Water'. Their extensive research presented evidence that suggests water with low amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS), such as Reverse Osmosis treated water has no ill effects on humans.

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