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Busting Reverse Osmosis Myths Contintued...

Busting Reverse Osmosis Myths Contintued...

Myth - Reverse Osmosis Produces Very Acidic Water with Low pH

Fact - Reverse Osmosis Produces Mildly Acidic or Neutral Water

Reverse Osmosis will reduce pH levels as it removes unhealthy inorganic minerals from tap water. The truth is, water pH will automatically change when it is ingested and comes into contact with the food in your stomach. Even on an empty stomach, your stomach acid alone is already several times more acidic than Reverse Osmosis water with a pH level of 2. The human body regulates pH levels constantly to find balance and equilibrium. Therefore under normal conditions it will always maintain a neutral 7.4 pH balance. Even eating very acidic foods (very low pH) only alters the body’s pH by a very tiny amount and only for a short time. The healthy body is very robust and it will restore homeostatic pH fairly quickly and easily. As long as you eat a well balanced diet, which includes fruits and vegetables, you can pretty much drink whatever you want without ever worrying about your pH balance.

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