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Common Complaints About City Water Quality
If you have ever grumbled about your water quality, rest assured that you are not alone. Learn about the most common complaints of city water quality here!

Common Complaints About City Water Quality

Depending on where you live, you may not have the best water quality. Whether this is because of a strange taste or color present within the water, you can be sure that you are not the only one with complaints. There are many different reasons to complain about a city’s water quality throughout the US, especially when you think about how essential the service is! Here are some of the most common complaints about city water quality.

Scaling Deposits

One of the most common complaints about normal city water is the prevalence of scaling on many home fixtures. Scaling results from hard water that has dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium. These deposits can result in a scaly crust of calcium that coats everything the water touches and causes numerous problems in laundry, kitchen, and bath appliances.


In some cases, your water may be staining your appliances, sinks, tubs, and toilets. Under normal conditions, there should be no staining of any kind. However, if your water is not filtered effectively, you will have stains ranging from a blue-green color to a red tint. This discoloration can come from minerals such as copper, iron, and manganese. One of the best ways to counter these hard minerals is with an under-counter RO system, as this effectively takes all minerals out of the water.


Corrosion is another cause of complaints when it comes to city water. The corrosion of pipes and fixtures results in the gradual decomposition or destruction of such appliances as pipes and fixtures. Such an occurrence can result in major piping issues in the future. In order to combat this gradual decay of your piping, one of the best solutions is to get a whole house reverse osmosis or charcoal filter.

In many areas, the city-provided water is not of the best quality. Often, it is best to invest in a whole house or under sink filter to avoid the common complaints about city water quality. Not only will you enjoy better tasting and healthier water, but you can rest assured that your water is not destroying your appliances and piping! If you have any more questions about what you can do to improve your water quality, contact Premier H2O for more information!

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