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Differences Between Soft and Hard Water in the Shower
Knowing the differences between soft and hard water can help you be more comfortable in your home. Read here for some of these notable differences.

Differences Between Soft and Hard Water in the Shower

If you’ve never had experience with hard and soft water, knowing the exact effects that each has on your water and body can be difficult. Many people purchase filtration systems with the impression that their water will be the same as it was before it was filtered. This may be the case for some types of filters, but other filters may output a different consistency of water that you may not have been expecting. To prevent any surprises, here are the major differences between soft and hard water in the shower.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water refers to water with a high amount of mineral content. Hard water results from groundwater making its way to the topsoil and collecting various minerals such as calcium and magnesium along the way. Often, city filtration processes minimally filter out these hard minerals. This means that even if your water is safe for consumption, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s great to bathe in or even drink.

How Does Hard Water Affect Your Shower?

Hard water can cause many different harmful forces within your shower. It can result in a buildup of soap scum and minerals, which can be very difficult to remove and result in unsightly stains on the hardware in your bathroom. The high mineral content can also cause damaged hair and dry skin. As such, switching to a better water filter is obviously in your best interest.

How Is Soft Water Different?

Soft water eliminates most of the issues hard water presents because soft water has a lower mineral count. By filtering out the minerals that could cause buildup within the pipes, you’re prolonging the life of your plumbing and ensuring that all the water in the house is safe for all types of use.

We hope this article on the differences between soft and hard water in the shower has helped you realize the value of having a whole-house filter. If you’re considering one of these systems and looking for a home water filtration company, be sure to reach out to Premier H2O. We have a wide variety of filtration systems for any house.

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