Do Filtration Systems Remove Good Minerals From Water

One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind when they get a new filter is how it will affect their water. In most cases water filtration has a positive effect on your water, providing clean and consistent drinkable water to you and your family. However a growing number of people are concerned with the fact that water filtration may be working too well, and that it takes away some of the minerals that may be beneficial to your health. If this concerns you, read on, as we are going to address the question of if filtration systems remove good minerals from water!

What are the minerals that are removed during the filtration process

Different minerals naturally dissolved in the water from its source are present in our tap water. They're not unpleasant to drink, but they're also not necessary. Iron, potassium, and sodium, as well as calcium and magnesium, may be present in your tap water (the minerals associated with hard water). Those last two minerals, in particular, can be a pain. Water with high calcium and magnesium levels can be found in most parts of the country. Those minerals will leave water spots on your dishes if you don't use a water softener.

What about RO filtrations

A reverse osmosis faucet or filtration system is one of the most efficient ways to filter tap water for consumption. Toxins and microorganisms, as well as chlorine and fluoride additions, are removed from the treatment plant during the RO purification process. Of course, such powerful filters remove minerals from your water. They'll remove any lead, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals, from your drinking water. It's devoid of any macronutrients—and yes, macronutrients are beneficial to the body—but that's precisely what makes RO water so pure and clean. And while filtering out water may be happening, just know its not necessarily a bad thing. The only thing it really means is that your water wont contribute to your daily nutrition.

What Is The Real Source Of Your Vitamins And Minerals

A study on tap water and minerals published in the journal of food composition and analysis. By the end of the study, they eventually discovered that only four minerals in unfiltered tap water constitute more than 1% of the required daily dietary requirement. To put it another way, drinking 1 liter of tap water just adds to your "necessary" copper, calcium, magnesium, and sodium intake. So, if you don't have minerals in your water, are you truly missing out? In a word: no!

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