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Doesn't the Municipalities Clean the Water?

Doesn't the Municipalities Clean the Water?

Yes, Municipalities work very hard to supply all residents with clean drinking water out of the tap, to meet the EPA's guidelines. However, the problem is not necessarily the Municipalities. Once your water leaves the city's water plant think about everywhere that water goes before it reaches your tap.

The truth is that contaminants can reach the water from any number of sources after it leaves the water plant. Aquifers, springs and corroded pipes can introduce impurities into the water lines even after the water has been treated at a water plant.

Reverse Osmosis Systems remove 99% of the impurities which are in your water.  With a Reverse Osmosis System you have an initial investment and then minimal cost for maintenance, where bottled water costs you hundreds of dollars per year and fills up our landfills with non-degradable plastic.

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