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Have You Ever Checked What Is In Your Water?

Have You Ever Checked What Is In Your Water?

Checking the water quality in your city is easy. The EPA requires the City's Municipalities to make it available to you. You can find it once a year included with your paper invoice. You can also find it online at EWG (Environmental Working Group) anytime, just enter your zip code. I was shocked to find out there were 6 contaminants in my area above health guidelines, but below the legal limits.

This will allow you to see not only what is in your water, but where it falls in retrospect to both the recommended Health Guidelines and the EPA's Legal limits. The EWG worked with the EPA to put together all of this information from state testing for easy access to all households. It is simple to use and easy to understand. The EWG also shows you what the health risks are for each of the contaminants in your water. Be educated and be protected.

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