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How Do I Remove Tannins From My Residential Water?
Tannins are some of the more concerning things you need to clear from your water supply. Read here for more information on how you can remove this debris.

How Do I Remove Tannins From My Residential Water?

When you have a public water hookup, you’ll need to learn how to remove tannins from your home’s water at some point. Tannins are the consequence of the natural degrading process that occurs every day in every backyard, so avoiding them is difficult. They’re released into the soil as leaves, tree bark, and soil decompose.

When you switch on your tap and use water that tannins have tainted, you’ll notice a bitter flavor and an earthy odor. In addition, the water will be brown, red, or yellow. Here’s the important info you need to know on how to remove tannins from your residential water.

What Are Tannins?

The decomposition of leaves, dirt, plants, and other forms of flora produce tannins, which are also referred to as fulvic or humic acid. Coastal environments, marshy ground, and other low-lying areas are the most common habitats for tannins. After seeping into the ground, the decomposing organic debris may appear in shallow wells.

How To Remove Tannins

Cation-Exchange Softening Process

The cation-ion exchange treatment method is effective at removing tannins. Whole-house water softening systems, which you install at the water’s entry point in your home, often use this method. Because tannins have a negative charge, a positively charged ion-exchange resin can remove them from the water. Salt keeps the resin bed fresh and tidy and aids in the regeneration process, which guarantees that the cation-exchange softening action is working properly throughout the system.

Reverse Osmosis

To remove tannins from your water, you might also utilize a whole-house reverse osmosis filtering system. These systems use pre-sediment filter, carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and post-filter cartridge, so their cost is often higher than that of other solutions. Installed at your home’s water entry point, this system ensures every faucet in the house has clean, tannin-free water. These systems catch a variety of tiny impurities while eliminating fluoride, chemicals, and bacteria.

We hope you have found our article on how you can remove tannins from your residential water helpful. If you’re looking to purchase a residential UV water treatment system to upgrade your water’s cleanliness, be sure to reach out to Premier H2O today.

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