How To Choose the Best Water Treatment System for Your Home

Choosing a water treatment for your entire home can be a stressful task. You’re not only selecting machinery that will purify all the water that goes to your house but also making a long-term commitment. You can’t just go out every year and buy a new water treatment system, nor can you trade it in after using it. For that reason, we’ve provided some questions you should ask yourself when choosing the best water treatment system for your home.

Whole-House vs. Under-Sink Drinking Water Filter

When you’re deciding what to choose for your filtration system, ask yourself what you plan to use it for. Do you just plan on using purified water for drinking and cooking? If so, an under-sink reverse osmosis filter might be better. However, if you envision being able to take a shower in purified water, you may want to have a UV filtration system to ensure ultimate purity.

Private Wells vs. City Water

Another consideration you should make when selecting a water filter is the type of water source you have. In general, homeowners can expect to get their water from either the city or a private well. City water is relatively safe, but hundreds of contaminants could still be in the water. Similarly, a well poses many concerns about bacteria and sediment in the water. In general, having a whole-house filter such as a UV water purification system can take care of bacteria, but it may be unable to take care of the sediments in the water. This is where a reverse osmosis filter would be good.

Evaluate the Contaminants in the Water

The most critical step you should take to ensure you’re getting the type of filter you want is to evaluate the type of contaminants in your water. To do this, you must have your water sent off to a lab, where it will be tested for bacteria and minerals. This will point you to the type of filter that makes sense for your situation.

Whatever your reason for wanting a water filter, you won’t regret installing one. With either a UV filter or a reverse osmosis filter, you’ll immediately notice a difference in taste. If you’re looking for anything related to water distribution, from ultraviolet disinfection to anti-scale filters for tankless water heaters, contact Premier H2O. We have solutions for how to choose the best water treatment system for your home.