Spring Water vs. Filtered Water Which Is Better

You’re trying your best to drink the healthiest water to replenish your body. But which type of water should you drink? Continue reading to learn if spring water or filtered water is better for you.

Spring Water

When you hear the words “spring water,” you might think of freshwater bottled at the source. Spring water is water collected from naturally occurring underground formations. Springs typically form alongside hills and mountains.

Most spring water does not undergo in-depth treatment before it’s distributed. Since it endures a natural filtration process, the clear, clean water requires little filtration. Manufacturers bottling spring water remove microbes and other impurities as needed while maintaining its mineral content. The naturally occurring minerals create drinking water with a more favorable taste.

Filtered Water

At-home water filtration systems remove contaminants from tap water sources. Tap water undergoes treatment to remove impurities. However, these treatments can be harmful, and it’s important to avoid consuming chemically treated water.

Water filter systems will catch any contaminants like bacteria, chlorine, and various sediments. You can trust the filter to remove any potentially harmful substances from your drinking water.

Water filters are also incredibly convenient. They require a simple installation process on faucets throughout the home. From there, you just have to monitor the system and periodically change the filters.

Which Is Better?

When asking yourself if spring water or filtered water is better, here are a couple of things to remember.

Pure spring water is incredibly healthy to drink and is safe for people of all ages. With its desirable flavor and natural benefits, spring water is one of the best water sources. The only downside is that it’s not a widely accessible water source. To consume spring water, you must buy bottled water from the store. This adds up quickly, making bottled spring water less attainable.

Filtered water is also healthy for your body. You can use a small filter pitcher, implement water filters throughout the house, or install a reverse osmosis system. With these resources, clean tap water is always readily available at lower costs.