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The Advantages of Under-Counter Water Filtration Systems
Under-counter water filtration systems are ideal for those who need targeted filtration. Here are the advantages of under-counter water filtration systems.

The Advantages of Under-Counter Water Filtration Systems

Having a good water filtration system makes life so much easier. Gone are the days of buying case upon case of bottled water or needing to fill up a special pitcher when you want a drink. If you’re planning to purchase a water filtration system, you have several good options, but one of the best is the under-counter filtration system. Read on to learn more about the advantages of under-counter water filtration systems in your home.

What Are Under-Counter Filtration Systems?

An under-counter water filtration system is one that is located beneath your counter or kitchen sink. A tube connected to the under-sink water line diverts some of the water through the under-counter filter. The filtered water then travels through another tube to a separate tap above the counter, where it can be dispensed.

Why Use One?

There are several good reasons to consider using an under-counter filtration system. Here are some of the advantages they have to offer.

Save Counter Space

In contrast to a countertop filtration system, an under-counter filtration system does not take up any counter space. They are a particularly good option if your home doesn’t have much counter space to spare. Since they’re located in a cabinet beneath your counter, under-counter filtration systems also won’t be an eyesore.

Great for Targeted Filtration

Under-counter filtration systems are targeted water filtration systems, meaning they filter water at specific points in your home. This is helpful for those who want access to filtered water in one area of their home, like the kitchen, but don’t necessarily need filtration throughout the entire house. For those who are mainly concerned with having clean drinking water, this is ideal.

Easy To Install

Installing an under-counter water filtration system is also easier than installing a whole house filtration system. You may need to install a faucet for the filtered water, but overall, if you have some basic plumbing skills, doing so should not be too complicated. If you’re not confident that you can install the system yourself, you can always call a plumber.

Low Maintenance

Once they’re installed, under-counter filtration water systems are fairly low maintenance. You’ll need to replace the filter roughly every six months, but this is the only maintenance you’ll need to do regularly, and it isn’t too complicated.

Are you ready to experience the advantages of under-counter water filtration systems in your home? If so, check out our available under-counter filter systems. Install one under your sink and start reaping the benefits of filtered water today.

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