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The Difference Between POE and POU Water Treatment Systems
When it comes to water treatment systems, POU and POE are the main options to choose from. Read here for the major differences between these two systems.

The Difference Between POE and POU Water Treatment Systems

Understanding the distinctions between point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) water treatment systems can help you identify the most efficient setup to match your needs for treating your own water at home. Whether you need to disinfect your water, remove hardness, or improve the taste, both types of devices give you a variety of alternatives for regaining control over your water quality. Here are the major differences between POE and POU water treatment systems.

What Is the Difference Between POU and POE Systems?

POU devices are water treatment devices that are positioned anywhere water is utilized, such as faucets. They’re designed to treat water for drinking and cooking. On the other hand, POE devices are installed where water enters your home, constantly treating the water for the entire structure.

Both treatment methods rely on comparable, but typically scaled-down, technologies that operators use in centralized drinking water treatment plants. Both types of treatments have their own benefits, and they can also be used in tandem to address a variety of water quality issues. It’s critical to double-check the instructions and certification of the devices you install to ensure they’re up to code.

Should You Treat Water for Your Whole Home?

POE systems are larger treatment units that are often positioned in front of a home’s water heater; they may treat thousands of gallons of water per day. They purify the water that goes out to every tap in the home. This protects not only drinking water but also water used in restrooms and for appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. They also provide advantages such as low maintenance, reduced overall cost, and preservation of plumbing.

When Is Filtering at the Tap Better?

Shower water doesn’t have to fulfill the same health standards as the water you use in your kitchen sink, as the water in which you bathe has a lower chance of affecting your health than the water you drink. Therefore, you can target specific drinking water quality issues throughout your home by installing POU devices at individual taps, which would be far less expensive than a POE device. POU water treatment systems are often installed at a single water connection beneath counters or sinks where the water is consumed. Examples include undercounter and countertop reverse osmosis (RO) filters as well as carbon faucet filters.

We hope this article has been informative on the main differences between POE and POU water treatment systems. If you’re looking for a home water filtration company, be sure to reach out to Premier H2O!

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