Tips For Installing Your Under-Counter Filtration System

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars on bottled water each month? Or do you simply lack the stamina to tote around five-gallon water jugs? You've probably heard about under-sink water filters and are curious as to what all the fuss is about. An under-sink water filter is extremely convenient, and it costs a fraction of the price of bottled water. What's more, they perform an excellent job of delivering pure, clean, and contaminant-free water straight to your kitchen sink. Here are some great tips for installing your under-counter filtration system!

Getting Started

If you've ever tackled a plumbing project around the house, you likely already have everything you'll need. Despite this, the installation method necessitates a few additional items that are readily available at your local hardware store. Here is what you will need:

  • Under-sink water filter (with cartridges)
  • Plastic tubing cutters
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Teflon tape
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver

Common Difficulties You May Have

Only skilled plumbers are aware of the following little-known tips and tricks:

  • A leak in the system is frequently caused by an O-ring that is out of place after replacing your under-sink water filter. Before moving on to more complicated solutions, make sure the O-ring is in good shape.
  • You may have fitted the filter cartridge upside down if the housing does not screw back on properly. Remove it and reposition it in the opposite direction.
  • If your housing is stuck, you can easily open it with a metal wrench or a strap wrench.
  • Repressurize the empty tank to roughly 8 psi after replacing the filters if you use an under-sink reverse osmosis filter system.

Be Sure You Are Getting the Right Cartridges!

One of the biggest mistakes most people will make when servicing their water filter is getting the wrong cartridges. Before ordering any cartridges, be sure to verify the size of the filter that the hardware itself requires. If you accidentally replace said filter with one that does not fit, it will provide inadequate filtration, rendering your filtration setup useless!

We hope this article has given you some great tips for installing your under-counter filtration system. If you are thinking of purchasing an under-counter filter system for your home or office, be sure to reach out to Premier H2O!