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Watering Plants With Reverse Osmosis Water
Reverse osmosis water has recently garnered a lot of attention due to the water purity it provides. Look here to see how reverse osmosis water benefits plants!

Watering Plants With Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water is quickly gaining traction as the preferred method of water filtration in most homes. Not only does it provide great-tasting water, but this method provides amazingly efficient and thorough filtration. Even so, many people who are more botanically oriented have major questions about how healthy it is to water plants with reverse osmosis water. In answer to your questions, here is all you need to know about watering plants with reverse osmosis water!

Is Hard Water Bad for Plants?

Unlike its effect on humans, hard water is somewhat beneficial for plant life, as hard water has minerals such as calcium and magnesium that may help promote growth. However, it is important to note that hard water is only beneficial to plant life if the mineral content is somewhat low. If the hard water has too high a concentration of minerals, it may starve the plant of other nutrients, leading to the plant’s death.

How Does Soft Water Affect Plants?

Whereas hard water in small amounts is good for plant life, soft water is not as good. While the occasional soft water watering is permissible for most plant life, consistent watering with soft water will surely either kill the plant or cause growth problems later on. Simply put, having a high amount of salt concentration in plant soil is not good for plant life, and if possible, should always be avoided.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

One of the best things about using reverse osmosis water with your plants is that it allows you to mix specific nutrient levels into the water you are giving to your plants. In essence, reverse osmosis water provides the appropriate circumstances for providing customized care for your plants, allowing you to create the best possible environment for plant growth. Furthermore, with reverse osmosis water, you can be sure that your water has no other particulates that will hinder your plant’s growth.

We hope this article has helped you understand why you should be watering plants with reverse osmosis water. If you are considering installing a reverse osmosis filter, be sure to check out Premier H2O. We have everything from whole house sediment filters to reverse osmosis water faucets, and we’re proud to supply you with what you need at a reasonable price!

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