Ways To Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Clean Water

To be nourished and strong, kids require a lot of good, clean water. While you may not know that over half of your child’s weight is water, what is obvious is that a child needs a consistent supply to keep their body functioning correctly.

A lot of kids are accustomed to sweet sodas and sugary juice. Teaching your child about the importance of getting enough water might encourage them to drink more water, and fun activities can make water education more engaging. Here are some of the best ways to teach your kids about the importance of clean water in their diet!

Run a Clean Water vs. Dirty Water Experiment

Discuss with your youngster how water keeps their body hydrated and promotes good health. Then, for the experiment, place two plants in a bright area. Instruct your child to water one of the plants with water (preferably filtered water) while neglecting the other. Have them keep an eye on the plant that isn’t getting any water during the coming days to see what occurs. They will observe the plant gradually drying up and dying, which should demonstrate to them how vital water is to life.

Read Some Resources Together on the Importance of Drinking Water

Borrow a couple of books from your neighborhood library that use engaging stories and eye-catching images to highlight the value of drinking water. Your youngster is more likely to internalize the lesson and drink more water if they can see why drinking water is essential and hear an engaging tale about the subject. There are sure to be many fun and engaging books on water, so be sure to look in your nearest book store or online.

Consider a Schedule

Make a chart for your child that details how many glasses of water you want them to consume every day. Put a sticker on their chart each time they finish a glass. Have a water celebration if they accomplish their goal for the full week. Squirt gun battles may be had after filling up water balloons. You could swim in a backyard pool or run in the sprinkler.

Make sure your youngster has easy access to water. Place a full pitcher at the front of the refrigerator. Doing so will not only help reinforce the idea of a health regimen for your child but may also get your child to drink more water on their own.

It may be hard to get your child to drink more water at first. But hopefully, these ways to teach your kids about the importance of clean water will encourage them to do so. If you are looking to gain access to clean water anywhere in your house, be sure to check out the under-sink water filtration systems that Premier H2O provides. We are dedicated to providing a premium water filtration product at a great price.