Well Water Odor What Is It and How To Avoid It

Millions of people in the United States get their water from private wells. Home use this water for various functions, including drinking, bathing, and cooking. Many people are curious about what causes the unpleasant odor in well water and how they may get rid of it. Here are some of the most common reasons for smelly well water!

Why Does My Water Stink?

In the United States, water comes from municipal sources or privately drilled wells. Water that smells like rotten eggs is a typical complaint among well water consumers. Assume you've just returned from a long day at the office or a strenuous session at the gym. When you get into the shower to clean up, the bathroom fills with an awful odor as the hot water runs. Particles that appear to be rust may also be discoverable in the water. What's the source of the odor and particles in the water you drink daily?

A chemical component called hydrogen sulfide is the reason for the rotten aromas in well water. This substance is also known by numerous other names, according to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), including:

  • Swamp gas
  • Sour damp
  • Gas from the sewers

    What Causes Hydrogen Sulfide

    Bacterial activity in groundwater supplies is one source of hydrogen sulfide. Sulfate-reducing bacteria collect sulfate ions from the water and emit hydrogen sulfide through a chemical reaction inside the bacterial cell. This foul-smelling chemical comes from a variety of sources, including bacterial activities.

    How Can I Prevent This Odor?

    Hydrogen sulfide is a noxious gas. You must remove the substance from your water supplies due to its terrible odor and potential for serious health impacts. Fortunately, a well water filter can eliminate the odors and health risks to your family. Two filter stages purify water in a well water filter designed to remove hydrogen sulfide. A filter element comes in the first stage, which captures silt, scale, and rust particles. The second stage is loaded with a filter medium containing granulated activated carbon (GAC) to remove dangerous chemical impurities from the water.

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