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What Is Proposition 65 and How Does It Affect Drinking Water
Prop 65 is a relatively recent piece of legislation that has major effects in the warning labels of water products. Read on to learn more about what they mean!

What Is Proposition 65 and How Does It Affect Drinking Water

In essence, Prop 65 is a consumer “right to know” law that requires companies to disclose health information deemed important by the state department. This health information can be anything relating to exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. By requiring that the producer provide this information, Prop 65 enables those who are concerned to make informed decisions about their exposure to these chemicals.

What Products May Contain a Prop 65 Warning?

Most often, products must be tested at a laboratory before going to market, and it is here that that warning is assigned for most products. Products that most commonly have Prop 65 warnings include:

  • Articles used in manufacturing and construction, agricultural pesticides, and aluminum water bottles
  • Cases for cosmetics and laptops
  • CD/DVD wallets and organizers, childcare articles, clothing, cosmetics, and cords
  • Drugs
  • Electrical products and devices
  • Eyewear and eyeglasses
  • Food, food contact products, footwear, furniture, and premium and decorative items
  • Glass and ceramic products for food and non-food use
  • Gloves

Its Relationship To Water

In the text for Prop 65, there is a provision that addresses drinking water. It states that home water filtration companies, along with other businesses, are prohibited from knowingly discharging significant amounts of said listed chemicals into drinking water. In recent years, more and more water purifiers have started coming with Prop 65 warnings. Often, this has to do with the materials the filter is made of. In the cases of activated carbon filters, a lot of these have the ability to leach arsenic into the purified drinking water that it produces.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

There are a few ways to protect yourself from arsenic and other chemicals being leaked into your water. One of the best ways to combat this problem is using a UV filter. These filters are designed to eliminate all sediment and bacterium in the water that may harm you. These also often have the benefit of being a whole house filter, meaning that any water you are using in your house will be drinkable no matter what.

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