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What Was in Your Drinking Water Before...Reverse Osmosis Water Systems?

What Was in Your Drinking Water Before...Reverse Osmosis Water Systems?

After years of tap water, I'd finally had enough of drinking water that tasted like it had been skimmed from the pool. Between the chemical taste and concerns over lead and other contaminants, installing an under-counter water purification system, became the most economical option to ensure my family was drinking pure water. It wasn't until I installed the Reverse Osmosis System that I realized just how much stuff was in my local water supply. The photos below speak for themselves!

I installed one of our RO Pure Plus Reverse Osmosis Systems. Installation was a breeze and I am not the handyman type. The hoses were color coded the instructions were straightforward. What exactly was going down the drain? What was the series of filters removing that I wasn't drinking? The quick and dirty way to find out was to disconnect the drain hose from the sink drain and let it drain directly into a container.  The following is the results of that experiment, one large container of the "brine" waste water from the Reverse Osmosis System next to one glass of the pure water from the Reverse Osmosis System tap. 

Short of sending off the waste water to a lab to be analyzed, I can't tell you what exactly that cloud of stuff is. The Reverse Osmosis System removes the following: sand, silt, particulates, rust, chlorine, lead, arsenic, copper, radium, chromium, magnesium, sodium, pesticides, herbicides as well as other nasty things in your water. Despite the lack of rigid scientific analysis I reached the following conclusion: nasty smell that was in the container was not in the glass I was drinking out of. Good enough for me!

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