What You Should Know About Fluoride in Your Water

There has long been a debate on whether fluoride being in drinking water is necessary for the health and safety of everyone who uses it. In fact, many have become disgruntled at the idea, going so far as to claim that this chemical is a poison to those who drink it. To help clear up some of this misinformation, here is everything you need to know about fluoride in your water.

What Is Fluoride and What Does It Do?

In soil and water sources, fluoride is a mineral. In the United States and other nations, fluoride is added to the water supply. Some toothpastes, mouthwashes, and vitamin supplements also include fluoride. Teeth enamel is strengthened by fluoride. The outside, hard layer of teeth is called enamel. Fluoride helps prevent cavities by maintaining the strength of the enamel.

How Does Fluoride Work With the Body?

Tooth decay is the main cause of cavities. Some kinds of bacteria (germs) in the mouth lead to tooth decay. These microorganisms produce acid that can erode tooth enamel. Fluoride stops the enamel from being destroyed by the acid. It also aids in the self-healing of acid-damaged teeth. Although fluoride cannot treat cavities, it can slow certain tooth decay and stop the development of new ones.

How Do You Know If There Is Fluoride in Your Water?

If you obtain your water from a public source, you may inquire with your dentist or doctor and contact your neighborhood water utility company to learn if fluoride is present. If your water comes from a private source, the provider can let you know if fluoride is present. Make careful to verify the water's fluoride content if your household solely consumes bottled water. Keep in mind that if you utilize a whole home water filter or filtered water faucet for your drinking water, the fluoride is likely to be filtered out.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of what you should know about fluoride in your water. If you are looking to purchase a quality water filter for your home or office at a reasonable price, be sure to reach out to Premier H2O today.