Person drinking a glass of water

Not all countries have access to fresh, clean water, so purification facilities must add chemicals to ensure safe drinking water. Here is a short list of which countries have the purest drinking water!


The fresh water in Iceland is among the purest drinking water on Earth. There’s no need to purchase bottled water in Iceland because natural sources don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Since Iceland has ample water supplies—glaciers, freshwater lakes, waterfalls, and rivers—groundwater naturally filters. The pure water is safe to drink from whatever source you may find.


Another country with pure drinking water is Greenland. Nearly all drinking water comes from lakes, rivers, and glacial runoff. You may drink freely from flowing water sources, which is ideal for any explorers of the region.


High-quality water from Switzerland is found underground in natural springs. The heart of the country revolves around water sources. The people of Switzerland value clean drinking water; their actions to restrict the use of chemicals and uphold their tap water standards reflect the country’s values.


Some say Sweden’s drinking water is safer than bottled water. The abundantly accessible clean drinking water comes from lakes, glaciers, and running water sources. Swedish water requires minimal purification; some people even drink from their own wells!


Denmark sets the standard of environmental values and protects the drinking water for its citizens. The drinking water in Denmark comes from groundwater, which requires little to no alterations. The Danish government actively works to find solutions to prevent water contamination and share knowledge with other countries.


The beauty of Finland includes gorgeous landscapes and pure water! Copious groundwater and flowing water sources make up this nation’s high-quality drinking water. Finland’s drinking water is safer than most bottled waters. The people of Finland can take their own bottles to local springs and drink right from the source!

Each of these countries has abundant freshwater sources that bring tasteful and pure water for people to drink. These countries value staying hydrated and avoiding chemical treatments the most.

If you worry about the safety of the water you drink, consider incorporating replacement filters to ensure you’re consuming high-quality water that is safe for your family.