Bottle of water being poured into a glass

Is fresh, clean water difficult to come by? Or are you living in a state with some of the cleanest water in the nation without realizing it? Read about which states have the best quality drinking water!

New Hampshire

The great-tasting water found in New Hampshire isn’t only due to the state’s location near a body of water. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency of New Hampshire, implemented very strict rules to regulate the water in the state. They began testing for contaminants like PFAS that can infuse into the water supply from plastics and nonstick cookware.

Another bonus found in New Hampshire is the state has the lowest levels of industrial toxins in the nation. With the strict regulations instated by the EPA, New Hampshire is one of the best places to be for incredibly clean drinking water.

Rhode Island

South of New Hampshire, you’ll find the state of Rhode Island. It’s another state that has some of the best quality drinking water in the nation! Rhode Island collects most of the water from groundwater sources. Therefore, the state greatly monitors the status of freshwater and has strict rules to limit the risk of pollution.

The state also has the Office of Water Resources to strengthen water quality and regulations. They work to prevent groundwater pollution and manage wastewater discharges, so civilians always have especially clean water to drink.


In the past, Minnesota didn’t have the best reputation for high-quality tap water. The present-day quality of drinking water in Minnesota ranks in the top 10.

Very few people in the state have private water sources. More than 75 percent of Minnesota residents receive their water from public suppliers where the water’s derived from groundwater sources. The Minnesota Department of Health prioritizes clean and sanitized water for everyone. It monitors the water frequently by collecting samples and constantly treating for any imperfections.


In the Midwest, there’s the state of Kansas that’s abundant with farmland, rivers, and lakes. It’s one of the nation’s greatest agricultural producers. Therefore, it’s essential to always have fresh, clean water supplied throughout the state.

The rigorous rules for water purification in Kansas prioritize treatments to remove potential contaminants due to the agricultural business. These precise techniques to remove toxins from reaching the public water supply is one of the reasons why the city of Emporia in Kansas was awarded the Best Tap Water award at a competition in Berkeley Springs!

If you don’t live in one of these states, there’s no need to worry! There’s an easy solution guaranteed to improve the quality of your home’s drinking water.

Installing water filters under the counter will remove bacteria, sediments, and metals before the water exits the faucet. You can rest assured that water coming from every faucet is always safe to drink.