Watts Premier's Water Filtration Systems vary in the way they filter, from simple 2 stage systems to more in-depth Ultraviolet and Ultra Filtration Systems. Our 2 stage systems come with a Sediment and Carbon Block and will filter sand, dirt, and rust as well as trace amounts of chlorine. Whereas the Ultra Filtration uses Hollow Fiber Filtration to filter out the smaller particles that cannot be caught by a sediment or carbon block. The Ultraviolet Systems will take it a step further and will kill any bacteria in your water.

Our Whole House Filters provide cleaner water into your home while protecting your water heater, washing machine, refrigerators, ice-makers and other appliances from the harmful build-up of sediments, dirt, rust and Chlorine to improve taste. We also offer a Whole House pressure regulator in case you have high pressure going into your home.

Filtration Systems

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