500223 WH LD Whole House Filter by Watts Premier
500223 WH LD Whole House Filter by Watts Premier




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The Whole House Filter provides cleaner water into your home while protecting your water heater, washing machine, refrigerators, ice-makers and other appliances from the harmful build-up of sediments, dirt and rust. This system is equipped with a built in bypass (Off vs. In Use) valve for convenient access to the unit for your filter changes or whenever you need to shut it down. The ports on the system lid are ¾” to fit all standard household plumbing. This system is equipped with a 50 micron sediment filter, ball valve, and wrench. If sediment problems are present in your well water supply or if you live in areas where dirt and rust particles are a problem, this is what you are looking for. This unit requires some plumbing experience for installation, or the hiring of a professional is suggested especially if additional parts are needed for the install.

This unit does take some knowledge in plumbing for installation. We do recommend you have some plumbing experience or suggest hiring someone to install it for you.

The following diagram is a basic install outline of a typical best practice location of where to install the Premier whole house filter.


3/4 in supply line

Supply line sediment filtration

Whole house filter
Built in bypass valve
50 micron sediment filter
2 Bonus 50 Micron Filters
1 year warranty

Height 14(in)

Width 6 (in)
Depth 6 (in)

Operating Parameters:
Ports 3/4 (in)

Operating Temperature: Maximum 100°(F) Minimum 40 °(F)
Operating Pressure Maximum 100 psi Minimum 20psi

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