Watts Premier UF-3 Filtration System

WP531130 - UF-3 Ultra Filtration Troubleshooting

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Premier has laid out every piece of the installation for our UF-3 Filtration System. If you can't find the installation guide you are looking for our tech support agents will assist you. You can contact us at 1-800-752-5582 or email us at WeCare@WattsWater.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Drill A Hole For The Filtration System Faucet

Caution - For Marble Counter Tops we recommend contacting a qualified contractor for drilling a hole. Most sinks are Pre-Drilled with a 1 ¼" diameter hole that you can use for your water filtration faucet. (If you are already using it for a sprayer or soap dispenser, see Step #1 below). Porcelain Sinks are extremely hard and can crack or chip easily. Use extreme caution when drilling. Watts accepts no responsibility for damage resulting from the installation of the faucet. A Diamond tip bit is recommended.

Step 1 - Determine desired location for the UF-3 Filtration faucet on your sink and place a piece of masking tape over where the hole is to be drilled. Mark the center of the hole on the tape.

Step 2 - Using a variable speed drill set on the slowest speed, drill a ⅛“ pilot hole through both porcelain and metal casing of sink at the marked center of the desired location. Use lubricating oil or liquid soap to keep the drill bit cool (If drill bit gets hot it may cause the porcelain to crack or chip).

Step 3 - Using a ½” diamond tip hole saw, proceed to drill the large hole. Keep drill speed on the slowest speed and use lubricating oil or liquid soap to keep the hole saw cool during cutting.

Step 4 - After drilling, remove all sharp edges and make sure the surroundings of the sink are cooled before mounting the faucet.

Non-Air-Gap Standard Faucet Installation

Step 1 - Place the escutcheon plate (A) and the black rubber washer (B) on the threaded stem. Note - All parts can be found in your parts bag. Follow the below steps to complete the installation.

Step 2 - Insert the threaded stem through the hole in sink and let it rest on the sink top.

Step 3 - From the underside of the sink, slide on the black locating washer (C), lock washer (D), and nut (E) onto the threaded stem. Check the orientation of faucet then tighten the nut securely.

Step 4 - Locate the ¼”- Blue tube. Grab the following parts from the faucet parts bag and place onto the end of the straight end of the tube: the brass nut (H), plastic sleeve (G) (small tapered end of sleeve must point to the end of tube), and then insert the plastic insert (F) all the way into the end of the tube.

Step 5 - Push the assembled tube into the threaded stem until it stops. Slide the compression nut and plastic sleeve until you can thread the nut onto the faucet. Use a wrench to securely tighten the compression nut while continuing to push the tube into the faucet.

Step 6 - Push the other end of the blue tube with the 90° bend into the back of the filter module (behind the carbon filter).

Adapt-A-Valve™ Installation

Caution - Water supply line to the system must be from the cold water supply line only. Hot water will severely damage your system. Do not use Teflon Tape with the Adapt-A-Valve™.

Step 1 - Turn off the cold water supply to the faucet by turning the angle stop valve completely off. Open cold water sink faucet to relieve pressure.

Step 2 - Choosing the configuration that fits your plumbing, attach the Adapt-A-Valve™ as illustrated below.

Note - Make sure that the black collet is installed into the ¼” opening on the Adapt-A-Valve™. Don’t forget to install the white compression washer with the ⅜” configuration. Brass adapter does not need to be tightened with a wrench, only finger tight.

Adapt-A-Valve Install

Premier UF-3 Filtration System Installation

After completing the successful installation of your Top-Mount Twist Faucet, Adapt-A-Valve™ and Drain Saddle you are prepared to finish the remainder of the installation for your Premier UF-3 Filtration System. Follow these steps to complete the installation and get your New Filtration System up and running.

Step 1 - Determine best location for your Filtration System to be mounted to allow for future system maintenance. You will want to allow approximately 2" (5cm) clearance between the bottom of the filter housing and the floor of the sink cabinet. Using the mounting holes on the bracket, mark the location for the mounting screws on the cabinet wall under the sink. The parts bag has 2 self tapping screws. Using an electric drill with a Phillips bit, screw them into the cabinet wall at the marked location. Hang the module on the screws using the mounting holes in the bracket.

Step 2 - Locate the ¼” Green tube in the parts bag. Insert the open end of the tube with the 90° bend into the open ¼” quick connect fitting located behind the Sediment Filter. Make sure the tube is pushed in all the way to the tube stop.

Step 3 - Take the other end of the ¼” Green tube and insert the open end of the tube with the 90° bend into the open ¼” quick connect fitting on the Adapt-A-Valve™. Make sure the tube is pushed in all the way to the tube stop.

Starting Your New UF-3 Filtration System

Step 1 - Turn on the incoming cold water at the angle stop valve and the Adapt-A-Valve™. Check the system for leaks and tighten any fittings as necessary. (Check frequently over the next 24 hours to ensure no leaks are present).

Caution - Turn on water supply at angle stop and open the Adapt-a-Valve. Turn faucet handle to the open position to start the flow of water through the unit. Run 3 gallons of water through the unit in order to flush out the normal black carbon fines (it will “sputter” until the air is purged out) from the unit. Initially, the water may appear cloudy which is due to tiny air bubbles and it will clear up shortly. Close the faucet when finished.

Step 2 - Check for leaks. If you have any leaks, shut off the water supply to your system, tighten any fittings / housings and restart unit.

Caution - Check frequently over the next 24 hours to ensure no leaks are present.

Premier wants to make sure you are aware just because you can not taste it, does not mean that it is not there. Many contaminants in the drinking water are undetectable to the taste. Additionally, over time if you do not replace the filter elements, other bad tastes and odors will be apparent in your drinking water. It is important to change out your filters at the recommended intervals as indicated below. When replacing the filters, pay special attention to any cleaning instructions. If you have any questions throughout the process you can contact us at 1-800-752-5582 or email us at WeCare@WattsWater.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

System Overview

Water quality concerns are becoming more of a focus for the public. You may have heard about contaminants in the drinking water such as Arsenic, Chromium, Cryptosporidium or Giardia. There may also be some local water issues such as high levels of Lead and Copper. This Premier UF-3 Filtration System has been designed and tested to provide you with high quality drinking water for years to come. The following is a brief overview of the system. Your UF-3 Filtration System is a three stage filtration which is based upon separate treatment segments within the one complete water filtration system. These stages are as follows:

Stage 1 - Five Micron Sediment Filter (WP105311) that traps sediment and other particulate matter like dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. Note - Recommended Change Every 6 Months.

Stage 2 - LVOC (Lead and Volatile Organic Compound) Carbon Block Filter (105371) reducing lead as well as harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals (See performance data sheet for complete list of VOC’s). It is estimated that VOC’s are present in one-fifth of the nation’s water supplies. These water contaminants can enter ground water from a variety of sources including localized use of herbicides and pesticides, gasoline or oil spills, leaking underground fuel tanks, septic system cleaners, and chemicals used in the dry-cleaning industry. Note - Recommended Change Every 12 Months.

Stage 3 - UF Membrane (UF Hollow Fiber Technology Membrane). (105321) Ultra filtration is a membrane filtration process which uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi permeable membrane. Suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through the 0.1 Micron (Nominal) UF membrane, allowing only fresher cleaner water and dissolved minerals to pass through. Historically this separation process has been used in large municipal water treatment plants and hospitals; however through advances in technology it is now available to you as a powerful under sink water filtration plant in your home. Note - Recommended Change Every 12 Months.

Filter Kit

Annual Filter Kit - WP560039 - This kit contains two Sediment Filters, (WP105311), two LVOC Carbon Filters (WP105371) and one UF Membrane (WP105321).

Changing The Filter Cartridges

Your UF-3 Filtration Module is equipped with valve heads which will automatically turn off the water supply to each filter when the filter is released, thus you do not need to turn off the incoming water supply at the Adapt-A-Valve™. The faucet must be off when filters are replaced. To make the removal of the filter cartridges easier, the heads and cartridges may be swiveled up to 90°.

When preforming your Bi-Annual System Maintenance you will be replacing your Sediment Filter (WP105311) your LVOC Carbon Block Filter (WP105371). Complete these same steps for the Annual System Maintenance. The only difference will be in addition to replacing your Sediment Filter (WP105311) and LVOC Carbon Block Filter (WP105371) you will also be replacing your UF Membrane (WP105321). 

Step 1 - Place a towel under the filtration module to catch any excess water that may drip out from the filters during the changeover.

Step 2 - To Remove A Filter Cartridge: Push and hold the button on the valve head above the filter. Pull the cartridge downward (from the head) to remove. Release button and discard the old filter.

Step 3 - To Install A Filter Cartridge: Remove the seal cap and insert the cartridge into the valve head until you hear an audible “Click” (the button doesn't need to be pressed to install new filters).

Note - If the new filter cartridge won’t snap in easily or pops off it may be due to high incoming water pressure. Relieve pressure to the system by turning off the water supply using the Adapt-A-Valve™ and then install the cartridge. Once the cartridge is seated, turn the water supply back on to your unit.

Procedure For Extended Non-Use (More Than 2 Months)

To prepare your Filtration System for your extended leave turn off the water supply to your System at the Adapt-A-Valve™. Remove all filter cartridges (order not important). Place them into a sealed plastic bag and store in your refrigerator. Note - Do Not Place In The Freezer. To restart your System follow the below steps.

Step 1 - Re-install all filters on to the unit. Filters are color coded to match the filter heads they snap in to.

Step 2 - Turn on water supply to the system at the Adapt-A-Valve™. Note - Check frequently over the next 24 hours to ensure no leaks are present.