1. Fill salt cabinet when water level is above salt level. DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT TYPES OF SALT. If iron is present in your water, use a salt with an iron-cleaning additive to help keep the resin clean. You may also use a resin cleaner on a monthly basis in place of salt with cleaning additives. If iron is not present in your water, a clean pellet, solar or cube type salt is recommended. The use of rock salt is not recommended because it contains impurities that may clog the injector assembly.
  2. You may use a salt substitute (such as potassium chloride) in place of water conditioner salt. If you start with water conditioner salt, you can switch to a salt substitute at any time - or vice versa. If potassium chloride is used in place of nugget or pellet salt, you must select the potassium option during the programming of the controller. We do not recommend using Potassium Chloride if there is iron in your water.
  3. Should your electricity be turned off for any reason you must reset time of day.
  4. Protect your appliance from freezing, including drain line.
  5. By-pass the appliance when servicing the well, plumbing, or pump. When work is completed, turn on the nearest cold water tap until water runs clear before putting appliance back in service.