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Troubleshooting Guide

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
ERR 1 is displayed Program settings have been corrupted Press any key. If ERR 1 does not clear, replace control.

ERR 3 is displayed.

Control does not detect the camshaft position and is
returning to the service position.

Wait until the control returns to the service position. Flashing
hourglass in the display indicates that the motor is running

Camshaft is not turning during Err 3 display

Check that motor is connected. Verify that the motor wire
harness is connected to motor and controller module. Verify
that optical sensor is connected and in place. Verify that
motor gear has engaged the camshaft.
If everything is connected, replace components in this order:

  1. Motor Assembly, Optical Sensor
  2. Control
Camshaft is turning more than five minutes to find the
service position

Verify that optical sensor is in place and connected to wire.
Inspect for debris in the camshaft slots.
If motor continues to rotate indefinitely, replace the following
components in this order:

  1. Optical Sensor
  2. Control

Salt tank overflow

Loose salt line connection

Ensure all alt line connections are tight

Drain line restricted with debris

Clean drain control

Flowing or dripping water at drain or salt line after recharge.

Debris is preventing #4 valve disc from closing
(Figure 23 Valve Layout)

Remove Debris

Worn #4 valve disc
(Figure 23 Valve Layout)

Replace valve discs

Hard water leakage after recharge

Improper recharge

Repeat recharge after making certain correct
salt dosage was set.

Leaking of external bypass valve Replace bypass valve.
O-ring around riser pipe damaged Replace O-ring.

Valve will not draw brine.

Restricted drain line.

Remove restriction.

Injector plugged Clean injector and screen
Debris is preventing valve discs from closing Remove foreign matter from valve discs

Control will not recharge automatically.

AC adapter or motor not connected

Connect power.

Defective motor. Replace motor.
Meter clogged with debris. Unit will recharge
every 7 days anyway.
Remove and clean meter.
Control recharges at wrong time of day Time of Day set incorrectly. Set the correct Time of Day.
No conditioned water after recharge. No salt in salt tank Add salt to salt tank
Injector plugged. Clean injector and screen
Backwashes or rinses at excessively low or
high rate.
No drain line flow control. Install drain line flow control
Restricted drain line. Remove restriction.
Runs out of conditioned water between
Control improperly programmed. Verify salt dosage
Flow indicator on control does not display
service flow.
Bypass valve in bypass position. Remove bypass valve from bypass.
Meter cable dislodged from valve. Fully insert meter cable into valve
Meter clogged with debris. Remove and clean meter.




Valve Assembly


Item# Part # Description   Item # Part # Description #
1 367208 Assembly, Premier Controller Cover 14 622013 Assembly, Refill Control 0.33 gpm
2 116182 Valve Body Assembly 15 622014 Ball, Backwash, Brine Refill Controller
3 367209 Valve Disc Kit 16 252229 O-ring, Tank
4 367210 Top Plate 17 252230 O-ring, Riser
5 125139 Female Elbow, 3/8" NPT to 3/8" Tubing 18 367218 Meter Assembly
6 146034 Screw, Top Plate 19 258261 Assembly, Sensor Cable
7 367211 Spring, Top Plate 20 252231 Kit, O-ring, Manifold
8 367212 Camshaft, Refill First 21 116183 Bypass Assembly
9 367213 Yoke, Camshaft 22 622015 Kit, Drain Line Flow Control
10 146036 Screw, Yoke 23 258100 120 VAC 60 Hz N. America Plug
258101 **Alternate Outdoor N. America Plug (available for purchase)
11 270341 368 Valve Motor/Optical Sensor Assembly 24 125154 Connector Assembly, 1" NPT, Plastic w/ O-ring and Clip Retainer
12 367214 Injector Cap Assembly 25 125155 Fitting, Drain Line, 90°, 1/2" NPT, 1/2" Tube
13 367215

"J" Injector, Light Blue, 10" Tank, Screen
"J" Injector with o-rings






Tank Assembly

Item # Part # Description
1 367203 Tank Brine
2 213126 Housing
3 313012 Lid
4 367202 Latch
5 167028 Controller, AF-40K
6 367026 Resin Tank
7 367203 Brine Tube Assembly
8 249033 Clamp, Resin Tank
9 249035 Clamp, Float Tube
10 116181 Valve Assembly w/ Bypass and Connectors
11 246068 Housing Mounting Screws
12 367204 Lower Distributor Assembly
13 367205 Upper Basket
14 367206 Conditioning Resin
15 367207 Retainer, Brine Tank



Brine Well Assembly

Item # Part # Description
1 367220 Brine Well w/ Slots
2 116184 Safety Brine Valve
3 228306 Grommet
4 400080 Tubing, 3/8" x 16" Long
5 367221 Cap, Brine Well 4" Dia (Caplug STP-4)
6 367222 Brine Float w/ One Grommet (as purchased)
7 367223 Air Check Assembly
8 231049 Tubing Insert, Brass
Not Shown 231056 Overflow Fitting Assembly
  231057 Overflow Elbow
  231058 Overflow Nut
  252234 Gasket


Valve Disc Operation