Premier Instant Hot Water System Troubleshooting.

Premier Instant Hot Water System Troubleshooting Questions:
If Hot Water Takes to Long
Pump is not energized Check power supply; Check timer settings
No change in hot water delivery time Check pump flow directional arrow, angle stops, water supply, Check water temp in piping 2-ft. after pump
No change in system temperature after 24hrs. (After completing all system checks) Piping network heat sink may be to large (i.e. run may be too long) so install a second valve near or in parallel with the first. System will not allow bypass to take place.
Timer programming ring is not set to current time of day Adjust programming ring to current time of day; See I&O
Manual Switch set to "Off" position Adjust the Manual Switch to the "Timer" or "On" mode
All or to many programming tabs pushed towards the center of the timer ring, indicating the "Off" position Adjust the programming tabs towards the outer portion of the timer ring for desired run times; See I&O
Increase pump run time or start pump 15 to 30 mins earlier Adjust additional timer tabs towards the outer positions of the timer ring or run the pump in continuous "On" mode
By-Pass Valve
Hot water not above 96°F IAPMO Standard Upper Temperature Limit (By-Pass valve normal operating temperature range: 92°F to 96°F)
Not enough time has passed for system stabilization May have to wait 30 min. or longer, depending on piping network size, hot water tank, and water usage. Start pump 15 to 30 min earlier
Possible By-Pass valve failure See I&O : Valve Operation test procedure
No water flow Check supply connections to By-Pass valve; See I&O
One end of the house has hot water but the other end of the house does not Possible branched hot water supply, install one additional valve at the other end of the house
Water does not get hot fast enough (i.e. more than 10 sec. wait) Long runs "slab-on-grade" or un-insolated piping may require adding an additional valve or installing valves in parallel to increase the flow rate and reduce temperature drop
How can I minimize hot water in cold water supply line
Timer Manual Switch is set to the "On" position, pump is running 24/7 Adjust Timer Manual Switch from the "On" position to the "Timer" position, then adjust the programming tabs for desired run times
To many programming tabs pushed to the "On" position Reduce the number of programming tabs in the "On" position Modulating the unit on and off may help as well i.e. 15 min on 15 min off or 15 min on and 30 min off, etc.
Possible By-Pass valve failure See Below: Valve Operation test procedure
  Insolate hot water supply line
  If valve is functioning properly, check for defective single handle faucets and/or defective mixing valves in showers
  Increase temp - Hot water tank/Boiler
All Mechanical, Electrical, and By-Pass Valve systems working properly
No hot water Call your local distributor
Banging Noise (water hammer) at the By-Pass Valve This condition usually presents itself at system pressures over 60 psi Remove the check valve from the "cold" inlet to the valve using a pair of long-nose needle-nose pliers.
1-inch hot water main (or larger) from hot water tank Install the System Pump parallel to the hot water main (i.e. on a by-pass) See drawings
Hot Water Distribution System Check Call Grundfos Applications Engineers for "Valve Test Kit"
Valve Troubleshooting Procedure

1. Verify that the pump is operating
2. Check timer switch and settings
3. Go to sink where Valve is installed. Close the COLD water supply angle stop.
4. Open the COLD water faucet
5. Watch for water to slow to a drip or no flow…. Allow a minute or so
6. If water does not slow to a drip or completely off, carefully check the temperature of the water Water should be around 90°F ± 4°
7. If the water temperature is more than 100°F Replace valve

Comment: Remember the System will deliver hot water in an instant (not instant hot water). It is designed to meet the ASPE recommendation of less than 10 sec. delivery.