Component Testing:

Testing the Transforner:

The transformer should be warm to touch. If it’s cold, proceed to the following… To determine if the transformer is working plug in the transformer (Red tag) into the pump (yellow tag). If the transformer is good it will power up the pump. You may also use a Volt meter.

Testing the Solenoid:

To determine if solenoid is working, plug in transformer (Red tag) into solenoid (Blue tag). If solenoid is good it will click every time it gets power. If it does not click it may be "Vapor Locked” and it most likely will be hot. ( ** )

( ** ) If pump is running, but tank does not fill and no water comes out the faucet, check for vapor lock.

Testing the Pressure Switch:

Turn the ball valve on the top of the storage tank to the "OFF" position and wait for 30 seconds, you should hear the unit (pump) turn off.

* Test after making sure there is power to the outlet (under the sink, both outlets are sometimes controlled by the switch for the garbage disposal).

** Turn off cold incoming water, close tank ball valve, open RO faucet, unplug transformer and disconnect green tubing at the unit module on the incoming water side (plastic nut, have towel/rag ready) . Wait for pressure to relieve (10 seconds), reconnect green tubing to unit, plug in transformer, turn on water supply (water should start dripping from faucet, if it does not, Test Solenoid), open tank ball valve and close faucet. Let unit fill the tank for 3-4 hours.