Items Needed:

(1) Sediment Filter #104017

(2) Carbon Block Filters #101009

Step 1 - Turn off the incoming water supply to the Reverse Osmosis at the feed water valve.  (Follow the green tube away from the Reverse Osmosis System to find the valve.)

Step 2 - Open the Reverse Osmosis Faucet and allow water to drain from the tank until it is completely empty.

Note: Water may be saved in a container for drinking or to rinse system parts.


Step 3 - Let the system sit for one minute after the tank is empty to let the system depressurize before attempting to remove filter housings.

Step 4 - For more leverage you may leave the RO module attached to the wall or cabinet.  If you are unable to access the module while it is mounted, remove it prior to changing filters.  Starting with the closest housing (Sediment), remove it by turning it clockwise (left), empty the water, then discard the filter.  Repeat the process in the 2nd and then 3rd housings.

Step 5 - Clean the filter housings (bowls) with a mild soap solution and rinse with water.  Check O-rings and lubricate with water soluble lubricant. KY Jelly® or other water based lubricants may be used.  Petroleum based lubricants (such as Vaseline®) must not be used.

Caution:  Before re-installing the filter bowls back on to the system, check
O-rings to make sure they are still in place.

Step 6 - Insert the new sediment filter (cloth like appearance) into the 1st filter housing which is the one closest to the side with tubing connections and re-install housing.

Step 7 - Insert the new Carbon Block filter (White End Caps) into the second and third stage housing and re-install housings.    

Step 8 - Turn water on to the unit at the adapt-a-valve.

Step 9 - Open the RO faucet and leave it open until water begins to trickle out (it will come out slowly).  

Step 10 - Close the RO faucet allowing the storage tank to fill with water.  It may take 3 to 6 hours to fill the tank completely depending on the production capability of the membrane, local water temperature and water pressure.