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WP-2 LCV Filter Change Procedure

Watts Premier recommends changing the filter element every 6 months. However filter life may vary depending on local water conditions and water use.

Use Watts Premier’s replacement cartridge only. Other filters may look the same, but only filters by Watts are manufactured to fit your WP-2 filter unit in order to ensure proper reduction of water contaminants.

Items needed:

  • Stage 1 - Sediment Filter (P/N: 104017)
  • Stage 2 - Carbon Block Filter (P/N 101014 - Grey End Caps)

Step 1:
Turn off the incoming water supply the WP-2 unit.

Note: There will be water in the filter housing. Lift the faucet handle to relieve the water pressure.

Step 2:
Remove filter housing from lid by turning it to the left,as shown in Figure D below


Step 3:
Remove used filter cartridge and discard.

NOTE: Do not discard filter-housing o-ring.

Step 4:
Clean inside of filter housing with warm soapy water and rinse well to remove soap.

Caution: Before re-installing the filter bowls back on to the system , check O-rings to make sure they are still in place and lubricate with water soluble lubricant.  If the O-rings appear dry, cracked, or damaged in any way, we recommend replacing them.  They can be purchased from our website (P/N 560045

Step 5:
Seat o-ring in groove in filter housing and insert new filter cartridges into appropriate filter housing.

Step 6:
Screw filter housing onto lid as shown in Figure D.

Step 7:
Turn on water supply to filter unit and check system for leaks periodically over the next 24-48 hours.


WP-2 BVC Filter Change Procedure

Our BVC Filters have been discontinued however you can use our carbon filters including the LCV Filter Kit.  You will notice that the endcap of the carbon filter is different from the endcap of the BVC filter, however they are compatible with the same system.  Just follow the same directions for the LCV Filter Change to change your filters.