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Ice Maker Kit with 1/4 IN Connections

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Ice Maker Kit with 1/4 IN Connections, 20 FT of 1/4 IN Tubing, Food Grade Material

This easy to install 1/4 IN Ice Maker Kit is designed for use with almost all of our Reverse Osmosis Systems.  The device is easy to install and requires no additional maintenance (other than the regular maintenance of your  Reverse Osmosis  System).  This Kit works with a Refrigerator which has a 1/4 IN connection.


1/4 IN (all sides) Compression Tee
1/4 IN Quick Connect Ball Valve
20 feet of 1/4 IN Tubing


  • If you are looking for an Ice Maker Kit for your WP-4V, then please go here  for the correct kit.
  • If your refrigerator has a 3/8  IN connection, then please go here for the correct kit.