Digital Air Pressure Gauge
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Digital Air Pressure Gauge

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The Model MS-4350B pocket digital gauge is a highly accurate air pressure gauge. This gauge has a white LED flashlight, a blue backlit display, and a rubber grip for easy handling. 

Range of 5-99 PSI
Reads in PSI, BAR, KPA
Shock resistance
Easy to read digital display holds the reading for 1 minute
Ideal for car and bicycle tires.

Accurate to +/-1.0%

Increments in .5 PSI
Auto Zero and self-calibrate for temperature and atmospheric pressure.
Easy battery replacement: 2 CR2032 Lithium Battery (replaceable)
~5 year battery life, under normal conditions

Specific Use information:
This digital guage is used to quickly and easily test storage tank air pressure and is accurate to below 10 psi.  

Tank pressure readings should be made on an empty tank for accurate reading.