OneFlow® Replacement Media Cartridge For Tankless Water Heaters
Anti-Scale Filter

OneFlow® Replacement Media Cartridge For Tankless Water Heaters

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This OneFlow® anti-scale replacement media cartridge is designed for use in the OneFlow® anti-scale system for tankless water heaters. It conditions cold tap water and provides scale protection on internal plumbing surfaces to extend the life of equipment by transforming dissolved hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic particles.


The OneFlow® replacement media cartridge for tankless water heaters is ONLY designed for use on the following system:



  • Recommended replacement every 2 years.
  • Easy to Install


Product Dimensions

  • 10" x 4 ½"



Nominal Flow Rate: Up to 5 GPM (18.92 LPM)
Maximum Pressure: 90 psi / 6.2 bar
Maximum Temperature: 100°F / 38°C
Minimum Temperature: 40°F / 5°C
Capacity: OFTWH-C-RM cartridge does not have a grain removal capacity, however, other contaminants present in the water will gradually degrade the effectiveness of this cartridge. Change the OFTWH-C-RM cartridge at least once every two years.