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The Watts Premier pour through pitcher is our newest three step patented filtration technology presented to you in a compact yet powerful device. Incorporating three levels of filtration this pour through pitcher brings an unparalleled level of continuous water quality available through a pour through pitcher on the market today. The first two filtration layers incorporate high quality sediment and carbon filtration for the reduction of sand, silt, sediment, rust, chlorine tastes and odors. This is then combined with the power of Halo Pure which not only provides a bacteriostatic environment for the water as it passes through the pitcher, but also maintains this effectiveness while the water is in the pitcher or carafe.

Other pitcher filtration systems require frequent cleaning and disinfection (weekly) in order to maintain a sanitary environment against bacterial growth in the carafe or pitcher.  The Watts Premier pitcher with Halo Pure prevents and protects against this possibility by providing safe filtration technology that prevents the growth of unwanted materials while the water is stored in the pitcher or carafe.

The Pitcher features a built in smart meter filter change indicator that measures water volume and time so that there is no guessing when to change the filter. The filter itself has a 99 gallon lifespan, more than doubling the lifespan of most pitcher type filters in the market place today. In addition, the smart pour-through lid utilizes water pressure to open the lid which automatically closes when water flow stops.

Water dispenser with filter

Water dispenser with filter; reduces chemicals, chlorine, bad taste and odor in water     
99 gallon filter capacity; more then twice the capacity of standard pour through filters.  
Filter-life gauge indicates when filter needs to be replaced         
WQA Tested and Listed to ORD 0901 Microbiological Testing Protocol for Pour Through Filters    
NSF Certified

99 gallon filter capacity
Change filters as needed.

Product Dimensions:
11 x 3.8 x 10.8 inches

Replacement Filters:
Watts Premier Product Number: 101019