531411 RO-Pure Reverse Osmosis System w/Chrome Faucet by Watts Premier




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The RO-Pure reverse osmosis filtration system was designed with you in mind, with a space saving, compact design that allows this system to fit under your sink with minimal space requirements, and with a 3 gallon storage tank you will have enough water for your daily use. Changing the filters is as easy as pushing a button! With the build in shut of valve when removing the filters there is no mess like traditional models. The filters snap out and are easily inserted. For Warranty/Technical and Certifications Information.


  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  • 3-Gallon Storage Tank
  • Adapt-A-Valve Automatic Shut Off Valve
  • One Full Set of Push Button Filters
  • 50 GPD Membrane
  • Designer Chrome Top Mount Air-Gap Faucet


  • MFG Brand Premier
  • NSF Listed
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 Lead Free
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 58 Certified Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Certified by WQA

    Reduction Claims Validated for this unit by WQA:

    Product Dimensions  (Due to the individual fittings the exact measurements may vary slightly.)

    • Rack and Cartridges (11.6" W x 13.5" H x 3.7" D)
    • Tank (13.6" H x 11.0" D)


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