Bi-Annual RV Filter Kit
Bi-Annual Pack

Bi-Annual RV Filter Kit

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This Bi-Annual Filter Kit is designed for Watts Premier's RO-TFM-4SV and ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis Systems. If you need to change your four stage pre-filters this kit is perfect for your needs.

Note: Purchase this 560038 filter kit with the WP560032 filter kit for a full year's supply for your Four Stage Reverse Osmosis System.


    • (1) - 5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter - (WP104017) - Reduces dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. Note - It is recommended to change your Sediment Pre-Filters every 6 months.

    • (1) - 5 Micron Carbon Pre-Filter - (WP101009) - Made of high quality activated carbon. It reduces chlorine taste and odors, also conditions the water before it is treated by the reverse osmosis membrane. Note - It is recommended to change your Carbon Pre-Filter every 6 months.

Your filter's life my vary based upon local water conditions or use patterns.


    • ZeroWaste®
    • RO-TFM-4SV

Product dimensions

9 7/8 inches x 2 inches