Dishwasher / Drain Line to Garbage Disposal Adapter
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Dishwasher / Drain Line to Garbage Disposal Adapter

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Universal Drain Line Adapter for Reverse Osmosis systems is designed for installation on all garbage disposals with or without a dishwasher. The DLA-D provides an IAPMO/ UPC code listed alternative to the use of the drain saddle for fast and easy installation on all disposals.

Note - To connect a reverse osmosis rinse water drain line to the plumbing of a single or double compartment sink without a disposal, please order 164014 (DLA-12).

Universal adapter accommodates 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 7/8" dishwasher drain hose

Converts for installation with or without a dishwasher (see lower illustration)
Comes with all the fittings and instructions needed for installation
Simple installation bypasses existing plumbing with no pipes to undo
Silent operation eliminates most reject water noise
No drilling required
Fast and easy installation
Works with all Reverse Osmosis units.

Air Gap Faucet Drain Line

Easy to Install

IAPMO / UPC Listed
ASTM F 409

dlad-nogrey-nonums-40pct.gif (1) Drain Line Adapter with Speedfit(R) Push-In Connector or Barb (DLA-D)

coupler-40pct.gif (1) Hose Coupler

clamps-40pct.gif (2) Marine Stainless Steel Hose Clamps


With Dishwasher
Step One:
Remove dishwasher hose from disposal and clean opening

fig1.gif fig2a.gif

Step Two:
Mount hose coupler over exposed nipple and mount DLA-D
fig2b.gif fig2c.gif

Step Three:
Cut off smaller unneeded barb sizes


Step Four:
Reconnect dishwasher hose (cut to length) and insert RO drain tubing
fig4.gif fig5.gif

Without Dishwasher
Step One:
Remove knock-out plug and cut off Wye branch

fig6.gif fig7.gif

Step Two:
Connect Wye branch with hose coupler and insert RO drain tubing