Watts Pure H2O Lead Filtration System
Under Counter Filtration

Watts Pure H2O Lead Filtration System

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Protect what matters most with the Watts Pure H2O Lead Filtration System, certified to remove 99.2% of lead, providing a simple, low-cost solution for your family’s water. That’s a benefit whether you’re drinking the water, cleaning with it, or cooking with it.

The high-capacity, 1.5 GPM full-flow filter is certified to reduce lead, cysts, sediment, and chlorine taste and odor. The filter is changed with easy, quarter-turn replacement. The Lead Filtration system is capable of running at low water pressures, does not require a separate water holding tank, does not alter the pH of the water, and does not require electricity. It attaches easily and readily to your current faucet. No drilling is necessary.

Lead is harmful to your health—and is especially injurious to children, who are still growing and developing. The EPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) both agree that there is no known safe level of lead in blood.

Whether or not you’ve confirmed the presence of lead in your water, you can rest assured that the Watts Pure H20 Lead Filtration System will provide a continuous, on-demand supply of premium quality drinking water directly to your tap.

The H2O-DWCFL100 Filtration System uses a Single Stage Filtration.

  • High Capacity Carbon Fiber Filter - with Lead, Cyst, Sediment and Chlorine reduction capability, featuring a quarter-turn connection for easy cartridge replacement. Note - It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months or 4,000 gallons.



    • 99.2% Lead Reduction
    • No Additional Faucet Required
    • Great For Apartments and Rentals
    • No Waste Water
    • No Electricity Required

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Parameter Minimum Maximum
Operating Temperatures: 35°F (1.7°C) 100°F (37.8°C)
Operating Pressure: 10 psi (69 kPa) 125 psi (862 kPa)
pH Parameters: 5 10
Flow Rate: N/A 1.5 gpm



    • System Head with Attachable Bracket

    • Model H2O-F46 Lead Reduction Filter

    • 3/8" Kitchen Faucet Adapter

    • Mounting Screws

    • 3/8" Plastic Tubing

Product Dimensions

    • Rack and Cartridge (4.125" W x 12.25" H x 4.5" D)

Reduction Claims Validated for this unit by IAPMO R&T

    • Model # H2O-DWCFL100.  Item # 7400355
    • MFG Brand Watts Pure H2O
    • Certified to NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 372
    • Certified by IAPMO R&T

IAPMO R&T Certification

This warranty will be void if defects occur due to failure to observe the following conditions:

    • The Filtration System must be hooked up to a potable municipal or well cold water supply.

    • The pH of the water must not be lower than 5 or higher than 10.

    • The incoming water pressure must be between 10 and 125 pounds per square inch.

    • Incoming water to the system cannot exceed 100 degrees F (38 degrees C.)

This warranty does not cover any equipment that is relocated from the site of its original installation.
This warranty does not cover any charges incurred due to professional installation.

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