500029 ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis System by Watts Premier
500029 ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis System by Watts Premier




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The ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis System with its patented design wastes no water where other systems waste as much as 4 or more gallons for every 1 Gal. of drinking water produced. This system revolutionized the industry; the patented ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis System is the first Reverse Osmosis System that does not waste water by returning unused water from the system back to the home’s hot water supply. Reverse Osmosis reduces particles down to the molecular level. The same process used by major bottled water companies. The process of Reverse Osmosis reduces salts and other impurities, giving you a high quality, great tasting water.


  • Requires a 110 volt electrical outlet independent from the garbage disposal.

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**This system is not available for purchase in California**


  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  • Chrome Non-Air-Gap Faucet
  • 3 Gallon Storage Tank
  • Full Set of Filters


  • MFG Brand Premier
  • Certified by IAPMO to UPC, IPC, IGC 159-2000A

Reduction Claims Validated for this unit by IAPMO:

   UPC Certification

Product Dimensions  (Due to the individual fittings the exact measurements may vary slightly.)

  • Rack and Cartridges (16.5" W x 17.3" H x 5.3" D)
  • Tank (13.6" H x 11.0" D)


1 Year Limited Warranty.  For additional warranty information on this product, please call our Internet Customer Service Center at 1-800-752-5582