500315 CT-1 CounterTop Drinking System w/Chrome Dispenser by Watts Premier
500315 CT-1 CounterTop Drinking System w/Chrome Dispenser by Watts Premier




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The Watts Premier CT-1 Counter Top Water Filtration with chrome dispensing spout turns tap water into cleaner, healthier drinking water. The Watts CT-1 is perfect for campers, RVs, apartments, and houses, providing exceptional value with its high-quality carbon filtration. And installation takes only a few minutes, as the system connects directly to your existing kitchen tap.

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, sand, silt, sediment, and rust
  • Portable; operates by use of a diverter valve attached to the main sink faucet
  • Fits on to small areas on the counter top
  • Meets all plumbing codes
  • Accepts all standard 10-inch replacement filter elements

Home, Office, Campers, RVs, Apartments and more.

The CT-1 effectively removes sand, silt, sediment, and rust from your drinking water. It also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, so you can enjoy water straight from the tap and save yourself the expense of buying bottled water.
Easy to Install

In The Box:
CT-1 Filter unit, including filter housing with countertop stand, dispensing spout, diverter valve, tubing for installation, and manual.

CT-1 accepts all Watts standard 10-inch replacement filter elements. Replacement filters should be selected at ones own discretion based on desired results. Please see the list below of filters that can be used with the CT-1 system:

104017      204103

304007      100036

202094      101007

101009      101010

101020      101015

 Product Dimensions: 

Width: 5.00in
Height: 12.75 in
Depth: 5.00 in
Weight: 5.10lbs