501026 - ZeroWaste® Retrofit Kit, by Watts Premier

501026 - ZeroWaste® Retrofit Kit, by Watts Premier

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The ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis Retrofit Kit is a great way to convert your existing Reverse Osmosis system into an efficient water saving device. By adding this kit to your existing Reverse Osmosis system, you can save hundreds of gallons of water every year. The system works by redirecting the rinse water. This kit pumps the rinse water into the hot water side of your water supply instead of down the drain. With the use of the supplied 24 volt pump, your hot water supply will accept the rinse water and mix with the hot water. This process can be done because when you use your hot water under normal circumstances, the water coming from your hot water side is not used for cooking or drinking. Also by adding this kit to your existing Reverse Osmosis system, you will be able to increase the membrane production and fill the storage tank faster. NOTE: Will not work with a tankless water heater.

* The ZeroWaste Retrofit Kit now comes with the 700ml Flow Restrictor.


ZeroWaste® Reverse Osmosis Retrofit Kit is compatible with all Premier Reverse Osmosis Systems with the exception of the Manifold Style. * Is not compatible with the WP-5, WP-4V and WP5-50 Reverse Osmosis Systems.


  • Solenoid valve, electric pump & pressure switch assembly
  • Check valves and flow restrictor assembly
  • Transformer
  • Parts bag


  • Requires a 110 volt electrical outlet independent from the garbage disposal.
  • The Reverse Osmosis System must be a minimum of 25 feet away from the water heater.

Product Dimensions (Due to the individual fittings the exact measurements may vary slightly.)

  • 16.0" W x 6.0" H x 16.0" D

Operating Parameters:

  • Operating Temperatures: Maximum 100°F (37.8°C) Minimum 40°F (4.4°C)
  • Operating Pressure: Maximum 100 psi (7.43 g/cm2)Minimum 20 psi (2.80 kg/cm2)
  • pH Parameters Maximum 11 Minimum 2


1 Year Limited Warranty.  For additional warranty information on this product, please call our Internet Customer Service Center at 1-800-752-5582