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With the increase in water quality concerns homeowners continue to turn to reverse osmosis as a solution to their concerns. Reverse osmosis provides unparalleled consistency in delivering the highest quality water through its multi layered level of filtration, with the RO membrane filtering down to 1/10,000 of a micron. This is why most bottle water companies turn to RO technology as a means to achieve reliable, consistent product in the marketplace no matter the source water. 

As this push for RO home filtration continues, there is also a growing trend to have some minerals added back in to the water, while keeping in mind the need to ensure contaminants such as arsenic, lead, cysts and others are out.  After many years of research, Premier now launches our in line pH balancing, Far-Infrared, Re-mineralization filter.

This filter consists of six separate layers of filtration in order to provide balanced, re-mineralized water to you and your family.

These layers include:

  1. Sediment filter, to ensure any silt, sediment or particulates that may be in the water is removed.
  2. pH Block Mineral Filter, which is specifically designed for a balanced slow release of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in to the water.
  3. pH Balancing Alkalization of water through specially formulated alkaline ceramic media. This pH filtration phase provides a balanced pH of the water, as well as providing additional mineral elution. 
  4. Coral media, for proper pH balancing, mineral elution and improved taste of the water
  5. Activated Ceramic phase for Far-infrared ray release and Activation of water 
  6. Final Sediment filter later.

The Watts Premier pH Balancing Ceramic Filter is specifically designed to function s a post filter for you RO system. This multi-layer filter will add minerals back in to your RO treated water as well as provide pH balance of the water as needed.

Kit Contains:
1 – 9 Inch pH Balancing Ceramic Filter ( Actual size 9 1/2 inches )

2 – 3/8 Quick connect fittings

Filter is intended for use as a re-mineralization post filter for all Watts Premier as well as any reverse osmosis system.

Reduces Sediment

Re-mineralization of RO Water
pH Balancing and Alkalization of water
Activated Ceramic phase for Far-infrared ray release and Activation of water
Coral media, for proper pH balancing, mineral elution and improved taste of the water
Easy to install quick connect fittings

Filter equipped with 3/8 inch Quick Connect Fittings. Some RO system have 1/4 inch tubing to the faucet and some have 3/8 inch tubing to the faucet, this kit is specifically designed for the 3/8 inch tubing to the faucet.

The recommended filter change is every 4 months.

*Note: Filter life may vary based upon local water conditions or use patterns.

Product Dimensions:
10.5 in x 2.5 in

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